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The Hideaway Kennels

A new approach to animal control

For many years the communities of Westmoreland County have had limited choices for their animal control services. The Hideaway Kennels is a new business located in Irwin that offers a licensed and insured K2 Kennel facility for stray holds and Animal Control services.

The Hideaway Kennels was founded in December of 2019 by Maria Dillman, who is an appointed Animal Control Officer of the Law. Before its founding, Mrs. Dillman successfully established the animal rescue TJ’s Rescue Hideaway a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been in operation for over five years.

As an establishment with deep roots in animal rescue we take a new approach to Animal Control and firmly believe that every life matters. We believe in taking action to help animals in need and with the direct support of our sister company TJ’s Rescue Hideaway, we make every attempt possible to ensure animals are reunited with their owners or adopted.

What Separates Us From the Pack?

  1. Law appointed Animal Control Officer who is also a Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist.

  2. Deep roots in animal rescue with an established sister Rescue company.

  3. No charge for residents for same day pickup.

  4. Easy access with the ability to pickup dogs on evening, weekends or holidays.

  5. An active social network that posts photos of all dogs for awareness.

  6. Invoicing transparency by providing details on dogs picked up, pulled by rescue, adopted or as a last resort euthanized.

If you re interested in having The Hideaway Kennels be your areas Animal Control service provider please contact us at