Become a Foster

Opening Your Home to an Animal in Need

Thousands of animals are euthanized every hour in the United States because of limited of space availability in shelters. At TJ's Rescue Hideaway we never euthanize for space, but we are foster-based which means we are limited to how many animals in need we can take. We are always looking for individuals willing to open their homes and hearts to one of our animals in need. When you foster for us you help open a space for a new animal. Meaning you are literally helping to save a life of an animal in need.

What to Know About Fostering

You Provide the Love

Rescued animals often come from situations of trauma where they have either been abused, neglected or abruptly discarded by the only family they have ever know. As a foster your key job will be to show them love and understanding to help prepare them for their forever home. We have a high adoption success rate because our animals are fostered before being placed into new homes.

We Provide Mecical Care

Your job as a foster will be to provide love and care to the animal while its in your care. We will support you by covering the cost of any medical needs during the process, including vaccinations and spay or neuter. You will just be required to bring the animal to the vet for any required appointments. If needed we can also provide you with pet food from our donations pantry.

Preparing Your Home

An important part of fostering is preparing your home. Depending on the requirements of the animal, some need a home with no other pets while others can be integrated with existing animals. We will advise you on what is required, but it is always best practice for there to be a safe space or room in the home where the animal can decompress when needed without interruption from other animals or even sometimes people.

Apply to Become a Foster

Please fill out and submit the form below if you are interested in fostering any of our rescue animals.