Obedience Training

A Well Behaved Dog is Earned

We offer a wide variety of different options for dog obedience training. Every animal is unique and should be treated as such. We train animals at all stages and teach owners appropriate methods to successfully train their animals on their own.

We do not believe in treat training, and encourage owners to consistently exercise their dogs. Contrary to popular belief, letting a dog run loose in a fenced in backyard does nothing for the mental state while leash walking can be positive and healthy way to exercise the dog and establishing leadership. We will work with you one-on-one to show you how to establish a positive relationship with your canine based on respect and consistency.

Training rate is $75 per hour (1 session)

Maria (Hap) Dillman, Dog Behavior Specialist

Training Programs

Basic Training

In our basic training class you will learn the classics like sit, stay, leave it, and down along with proper leash control. We will also cover dog behavior coaching to help you better understand your dogs different reactions to their environment. Training sessions are a combination of one-to-one training and also group socialization exercises. Dogs are required to pass the basic training class before moving on to any advanced lessons.

Agility Training

Agility training is a fantastic way to help your dog release energy while helping you form a deeper bond with them. Basic agility is good for all types of dogs from small to large (and young to old). In our Agility training sessions we will teach you how to navigate all the basic obstacles while showing you best practices for handling your pup on and off leash while in a fenced in area.

Desensitizing and Aggression Decompression

Sometimes dogs need additional training to become accustomed to people, dogs, and other things they encounter daily. In these focused sessions we work with the dog in its home environment and external places to build their confidence in difference situations. We also teach you how to have proper situational awareness when handling your dog to avoid bad decisions and keep you working towards building confidence for both you and your dog to help curb any aggressive behaviors. We work with all types of reactive/aggressive dogs including ones with a history of biting.

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